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The Genesis School teaches both traditional and modern rod making techniques. At the school, students will experience both the classic and new concepts of rod making. The instructors, well-versed in both approaches, will guide aspiring craftsmen along the path to constructing their first split-cane rod. Instruction is hands-on, individualized and intense. Students will be introduced to all the key procedures in a multimedia, easy-to-grasp approach.


The Genesis School of Split Bamboo Rod making is a five-day, intensive, hands-on craft school. The participants will learn the skills and techniques needed to complete a split bamboo fishing rod.

Genesis provides all the basic tools and materials. The successful Genesis graduate will leave with a ready-to-finish cane rod blank. More importantly, the students will gain the knowledge and skills to continue crafting split bamboo rods.

All this while enjoying a lake-front setting, family style home cooked meals, and the convenience of on-site lodging

  • Cane Selection
  • Flaming
  • Initial Splitting
  • Node Preparation
  • Secondary Splitting
  • Node Staggering Options
  • Straightening Techniques
  • Rough Planing
  • Pre Beveling the Strips
  • Heat Treating
  • Taper Design and Selection
  • Setting the Planing Form
  • Tool Use and Sharpening
  • Planing the Taper
  • Gluing and Binding
  • Sanding & Spline Identification
  • Trimming, Ferruling & Lapping
  • Cork Grip Installation
  • Blank Finishing Techniques
  • Component Selection

On the Shore of Beautiful ~ Quiet ~ Calming ~ Natural ~ Lake Nettie