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  • Cane Selection
  • Flaming
  • Initial Splitting
  • Node Preparation
  • Secondary Splitting
  • Node Staggering Options
  • Straightening Techniques
  • Rough Planing
  • Pre Beveling the Strips
  • Heat Treating
  • Taper Design and Selection
  • Setting the Planing Form
  • Tool Use and Sharpening
  • Planing the Taper
  • Gluing and Binding
  • Sanding & Spline Identification
  • Trimming, Ferruling & Lapping
  • Cork Grip Installation
  • Blank Finishing Techniques
  • Component Selection

The Genesis School of Split Bamboo Rod making is a five-day, intensive, hands-on craft school. The participants will learn the skills and techniques needed to complete a split bamboo fishing rod.

Genesis provides all the basic tools and materials. The successful Genesis graduate will leave with a ready-to-finish cane rod blank. More importantly, the students will gain the knowledge and skills to continue crafting split bamboo rods.

All this while enjoying a lake-front setting, family style home cooked meals, and the convenience of on-site lodging

On the Shore of Beautiful ~ Quiet ~ Calming ~ Natural ~ Lake Nettie

The Genesis School teaches both traditional and modern rod making techniques. At the school, students will experience both the classic and new concepts of rod making. The instructors, well-versed in both approaches, will guide aspiring craftsmen along the path to constructing their first split-cane rod. Instruction is hands-on, individualized and intense. Students will be introduced to all the key procedures in a multimedia, easy-to-grasp approach.